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Things to Know

Vaccination: For the Cape Region no vaccation is necessary. For all those who like to hike or go on the mountains, we recommend to get a vaccination against ticks.

Sun Protection: Due to the wind one might think that sun protection is not necessary. However, please do not get mislead. We, ourselves, use suncreams of SPF 30 and more!

Crime/Security: This is a sensible topic, we can only tell you our impressions and experiences. In general, one has to distinguish between Johannesburg and Cape Town. To many, Joburg is a synonym of apartheid, criminality, and Cape Town stands for cultural mixture and a liberal metropolis. Although in Joburg all whites live behind barbed-wire fences, Cape Town seems similar to Germany or Europe. One can stroll along the beach, go shopping, drive around with the car, go out at night etc. For sure, there are incidents in a 3 million metropolis, however most of the incidents occur wtihin the townships and are not directed against white people in general or tourists in particular.

Nevertheless, we recommend all visitors to watch out and to be careful. Below some hints, which are also listed in guide books:

  • Cash is King - however also for those who do not have enough of it ;-)
  • While withdrawing money from the ATM do not get distracted by strangers
  • Do not leave any valuables in the car, also while driving (surf equipment is not in danger)
  • At night, do not walk alone in deserted areas
  • While driving, lock the doors and windows
  • Store all valuables in the safe
  • Close all windows and doors when leaving the property